Best of Serbia Tour / 9 days – 8 nights

Best of Serbia Tour  /  9 days – 8 nights

1st day

Arrival to Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. Meet and greet. Transfer to hotel and check in. Welcome dinner on floating house restaurant on Sava River with view to Belgrade Fortress, with transfers.  Overnight in Belgrade.

2nd day

Breakfast at hotel. Belgrade city tour by bus and walk: Belgrade Fortress on the confluence of Sava to Danube River, with medieval knights fight act (with swords, spears, bat…). Visit to tennis courts where tennis player Novak Djokovic trained as a kid. Tour continues to Saint Saint Sava Temple, biggest Orthodox Christian church in the world by volume. Visit to Museum of History of Yugoslavia and Mausoleum of Tito, president of Yugoslavia and leader of Movement of Non-Aligned Countries during Cold War. 90 minute of cruise on Danube and Sava River with open buffet lunch on the boat. Visit to Zemun Town, former Austro-Hungarian city, with Millennium Tower on Gardos Hill overlooking confluence of Sava to Danube and Belgrade. Open buffet dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Belgrade.

3rd day

Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Sremski Karlovci, small baroque town, a place of conservation of Serbian culture and Serbian Orthodox Christian religion in 17th-19th century. Tour continues to Petrovaradin Fortress that is second biggest fortress in Europe, known as “Gibraltar on Danube”, built at 17th century, where we will enter the tunnels (500 meters of more than 20 kilometers of fortress tunnel network). Lunch at restaurant on Danube River, beside Petrovaradin Fortress. Sightseeing of Novi Sad City, the second biggest city in Serbia. Visit to Krusedol Monastery from early 16th century as the most important of 16 medieval monasteries built on Fruska Gora Mountain. Open buffet dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Belgrade.

4th day

Breakfast at hotel. Short bus transfer to Smederevo Fortress, the biggest lowland fortress of Europe, built at 15th century on Danube River. We will then have short drive to Viminacium archaeological site, one of the largest Roman cities from 1st century. Lunch at Silver Lake, located just beside Danube River. Sightseeing of Golubac Fortress, from 14th century, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses, located on the Danube River where the Danube is widest (6,5 kilometers), and was many times destroyed and rebuilt as a border fortress between Hungary, Serbia and Turkey. Open buffet dinner at the hotel. Overnight at hotel in Kladovo Town, located on Danube River.

5th day

Breakfast at hotel. 3 hour cruise on Danube River, along Djerdap Gorge, the longest (100 kilometers long) and deepest (92 meters) gorge in Europe where Danube River is the most beautiful. The oldest European urban settlements dated 10.000 years ago were spread around Djerdap Gorge and Djerdap National Park that was established to protect this cultural and nature pearl of Europe. During the cruise we will pass through the Djerdap 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant (also known as the Iron Gate), we will see the remains of Trajan’s Bridge (1127 meter long stone bridge that Roman Emperor Trajan built at beginning of 2nd century), and  the place where he  left a permanent imprint on the rock, known as Tabula Traiana, follows the largest European 55 meter high rock sculpture depicting Decebal the last king of Dacia in early 2nd century. We will enter Djerdap 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant built at 1970’s as the largest dam on the Danube River and one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe. Open buffet lunch at the boat. Visit to Djerdap Archaeological Museum in Kladovo. Open buffet dinner at the hotel with live Balkan national and international music and national folklore dance. Overnight at hotel in Kladovo Town, located on Danube River.

6th day

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Lepenski Vir archaeological site, the oldest conserved urban settlement in Europe (7000 years BC). Lunch. Follows visit to Nature History Center of Serbia in Svilajnac, with exhibition dedicated to dinosaurs, Ice Age animals, world wildlife and geology, with experts from the Natural History Museum in Belgrade, the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade as curators. Visit to fortified medieval monastery Manasija, one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval art from the beginning of 15th century. Open buffet dinner at the hotel. Overnight at hotel in Vrnjacka Banja SPA city.

7th day

Transfer to Topola Town, former military base of Karadjordje or ”Black George”, who led the 1st Serbian uprising against the Turks in 1804, and established Serbian Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevic. Visit to Oplenac Hill with the complex of Serbian Royal Dynasty Karadjordjevic: Museum of King Peter the 1st and the mausoleum of Serbian Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevic in the Church of St. George. Visit  to Royal wine cellar, and wine tasting. Lunch at restaurant that royal family uses, with Sumadija Region specialties. Visit to Avala Mountain, with 200 meter high TV tower constructed 50 years ago, destroyed at NATO bombing at 1999, and rebuilt at 2010. Elevator lift to the view-point on Avala Tower, overlooking landscape of Belgrade and central Serbia from 130 meters above mountain top. Open buffet dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Belgrade.

8th day

Breakfast at hotel. FREE DAY FOR CITY DISCOVERY. Gala dinner in Skadarlija bohemian street with live Balkan national and international music, bohemian host actor and national folklore dance. Overnight in Belgrade.

9th day

Breakfast at hotel. Check out. Transfer to the airport. End of services. Flight