Belgrade Fortress by walk

One of the best sightseeing tours in Belgrade is sightseeing of Belgrade Fortress by walk. In last 2 millenniums the hill above the confluence of Sava to Danube River witnessed numerous historical events. Since Romans built first fortification, up to WW2, Belgrade was destroyed at least 37 times, and rebuilt by Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, Austrians, Turks and many other nations. Perfect place to explain turbulent history of Belgrade is Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress. With your tour guide, beside slow walk around entire fortress, during sightseeing tour you will visit Ruzica (Rose) Church built in 19th century in former gunpowder storage and check the perfect view to confluence of Sava to Danube River, Big War Island, Zemun Town, New Belgrade and much much more.

Optional sites with additional entrance fee are: bunker built between WW1 and WW2. Roman Well built by Austrians in 18th century, and even Alfred Hickok was amazed by this well, you will see why. Big gunpowder storage that Austrians built in 18th century, now used as gallery of Roman tombstones, sarcophagus and other artifacts from Serbia and entire Balkan region. Military Museum was founded in 1878 and keeps collection of 150 thousand items from Prehistory to modern weapons. Kazamati (dungeons) are used as gallery of medieval torture devices.

Duration:  2+ hours

Price: 60€ in total for 2 hours , 80€ in total for 3-4 hours

Included:  Services of professional tour guide

Note:  Entrance to all optional sites is additional