Balkan Tour / 13 days – 12 nights


1st day / Belgrade

Group arrival to Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade – Serbia with meet and greet. 15 minute bus drive to downtown. Belgrade city tour with panoramic sightseeing of all most important sights in Belgrade, and walking sightseeing of Belgrade Fortress, located on the confluence of the River Sava and Danube. Visit to Saint Saint Sava’s Church, biggest Orthodox Christian church in the world by volume. Lunch at restaurant on confluence of Sava to Danube River, with view to Belgrade Fortress and Big War Island. Visit to Museum of History of Yugoslavia and Mausoleum of Tito, president of Yugoslavia and leader of Movement of Non-Aligned Countries during Cold War period. Welcome dinner in Skadarlija bohemian street, with live Balkan ethno music. Overnight in Belgrade.


2nd  day

Breakfast at hotel. Visit to Smederevo Fortress, biggest lowland fortress of Europe, built at 15th century. Visit to Viminacium archaeoligical site, one of the biggest Roman cities from 1st century. Lunch in Golubac City, on Danube River bank. Visit to Golubac Fortress from 14th century, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses on the Danube River, where the Danube is widest (6,5 km) and that’s just before Djerdap Gorge. Visit to Lepenski Vir archaeological site, oldest urban settlement in Europe (7000 years BC). National homemade dinner in open-air restaurant on Kapetan Misa Hill overlooking Danube River Overnight in rustic guest house on Kapetan Misa Hill close to Donji Milanovac.


3rd  day  /  Donji Milanovac – Craiova – Bran – Brasov

National homemade breakfast at Kapetan Misa Hill. Follows entrance to Djerdap 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant (also known as the Iron Gate), built at 1970’s as the largest dam on the Danube River and one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe. We will pass the border between Serbia and Romania, and drive to Craiova town, have sightseeing of Craiova. Drive to Sinaia Region. Sightseeing of Bran castle that was built by Teutonic Knights at the beginning of 13th century, it was known as the seat of Transylvanian ruler Vlad Tepes, worldwide known as Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s book and films based on it. Overnight in Brasov.


4th  day  /  Brasov – Peles – Bucharest – Veliko Tarnovo
. Sightseeing of beautiful Neo-Renaissance Peles Castle from mid 19th Century. Drive to Bucharest. Sightseeing of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, established in 15th Century. Drive to Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo Town. Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo.


5th  day  /  Veliko Tarnovo – Sofia
Breakfast at the hotel
. Sightseeing of Veliko Tarnovo Town, that have settlements established 5 millenniums ago, and Tsarevets Fortress from 12th Century, with sightseeing of the fortress of course.  Lunch. Drive to Sofia City, capital of Bulgaria. Sofia city tour. Overnight in Sofia.


6th  day / Sofia – Rila – Skopje
Breakfast at the hotel
. Hotel checkout. Drive to beautiful fortified Rila Monastery from 10th Century. Rila Monastery tour with tour leader. Lunch.  After lunch, bus drive to Skopje City, capital of FYR of Macedonia. Skopje city tour. Skopje area was inhabited 6 millenniums ago, with Kale Fortress dated from 6th Century. Overnight in Skopje.


7th  day  /  Skopje – Ohrid – Tirana
Breakfast at the hotel
. Hotel checkout. Drive to Ohrid Lake. Ohrid City tour. Lunch at Ohrid lake. Transfer to Tirana City, capital of Albania. Tirana city tour, sightseeing of downtown that have different architecture styles, from Turkish Ottoman, communist, to modern, and remains from Roman and Byzantine Empires on this area. Overnight in Tirana.


8th  day   /  Tirana – Skadar Lake – Budva
Breakfast at the hotel
. Hotel checkout. Departure to Skadar Lake, the largest lake on Balkan Peninsula, that we will explore from Albanian and Montenegro side. First Shkodra Town located in Albanian part of Skadar Lake, with sightseeing and Lunch. Follows visit to view point above the lake from where you will see the beauty of whole Skadar Lake National Park and take some amazing photos of most beautiful national parks in on Balkan Peninsula. Continue to Budva City in Boka Kotorska (Kotor Bay)… used for James Bond Casino Royal movie. Overnight in Budva.


9th day   /   Budva – Kotor – Dubrovnik

Breakfast at hotel. Sightseeing of Budva City with fortified Budva old town with tradition of 2500 years, sandy beaches on Adriatic Sea and diverse nightlife. Cruise along Boka Kotorska Bay, with Sveti Stefan Peninsula, that used to be island with pirate fortress in 15th century. Also from the sea you will have chance to see all old and new cities in Boka Kotor Bay, fortresses, nature, beaches, islands and caves. Lunch at Boka Kotorska Bay. We will visit Kotor town with fortress which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage List. Transfer to Croatia, Dubrovnik Town. Overnight in Dubrovnik City area.


10th day   /   Dubrovnik – Trebinje – Pocitelj – Mostar

Breakfast at hotel and check out. Sightseeing of Dubrovnik Town, dated from 7th century with Dubrovnik Fortress with massive stone walls from16th century and old town with well-preserved buildings range from Baroque, Gothic and more, are included on the UNESCO’s List. Visit to the Franciscan monastery with Europe’s third oldest pharmacy, the Rector’s Palace and the Cathedral.  Transfer to Trebinje Town in Bosnia. Sightseeing of Trebinje, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with diverse old architecture, stone-constructed parts of the town and fortress. Lunch in Trebinje. We will also visit Pocitelj Town, fortified medieval town from 16th century, with elements of Ottoman and Mediterranean architecture, located on Neretva River. Transfer to Mostar City. Overnight in Mostar.


11th day   /   Mostar – Sarajevo

Breakfast at hotel and check out. Sightseeing of Mostar City, named after the bridge built on the Neretva River by the Turkish Ottomans in the 16th century, on UNESCO world heritage list. Transfer to Sarajevo capital of Bosna and Hertzegovina. Sightseeing of Sarajevo, founded in 15th century. Because of its traditional cultural and religious diversity, with Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting there for centuries, it was sometimes called the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”. Overnight in Sarajevo.


12th day    Sarajevo – Zasavica – Sirmium – Belgrade

Breakfast at hotel and check out. Transfer from Sarajevo to Zasavica nature reserve, with picturesque biodiversity mosaic of forests, meadows, river banks, rare plants and animals. Photo-safari cruise in Zasavica, and special lunch, stew made of old type of pork called Mangulitza that was common in Serbia in 19th century. Sightseeing of Sirmium archaeological site with well preserved Roman imperial palace. Sirmium City was one of 4 capitals of Roman empire during period of tetrarchy in 3rd century. Drive to Belgrade. Overnight in Belgrade.


13th day   /  Belgrade

Transfer to Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. End of tour.